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Vitamin for Dog and Cats:

One of our cats is 17 years old. He was getting very lethargic, his coat was dull and all he wanted to do was sleep all day. I tried giving him the oil based vitamin

Pain in Dogs and Cats: What you can do about it

Your Pet’s Pain: What You Can Do About It By Christie Keith. In the first article in this series, I discussed the fact that dogs and cats, who by nature hide their

Dog Vaccines & Puppy Shots – Lambert Vet Supply

Buy puppy shots & dog vaccine annual boosters to protect your dog against parvo, distemper, kennel cough, leptospirosis, lyme disease, & more at Lambert Vet Supply

Steroid Use in Cats: Is it Dangerous? | Feline Docs

Hello. Sorry for the delayed response. Tramadol does not seem to work for cats and they HATE the taste. Gabapentin and buprenorphine are very safe and effective

Duramune Max 5 | Puppy shots |

Duramune Max 5 dog vaccine protects against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 & 2, Parainfluenza, & Parvovirus. For puppies over 6 weeks. MLV

Arthritis in Dogs – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Warning: At present it appears that Rimadyl will cause liver damage in some dogs. There have been some deaths in dogs with this reaction, although I think that the

Hillcrest Meadow Equine – Home

Hillcrest Meadow Equine has been offering their equine veterinary services to the Equine Community in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other Mid-Atlantic areas.

CBD Oil for Dogs With Joint Pain and Arthritis

Watching a pet deal with arthritis is devastating. And while there are medications to help them deal with pain and inflammation, these often induce a variety of side

Parasite and Worm Remedies – Earth Clinic

Posted by Veterinarian (Greeley, Colorado) on 01/05/2008. I happened on to a post that suggested garlic would be a safe and effective parasite control remedy in cats.

Cancer Treatment and Prevention for Dogs – Holistic …

Tips And Tricks On Freezing And Thawing Meats ORDER HERE- RAW PET FOODS Your Pets Health Begins in The Gut Vegetarian Feeding Of Dogs And Cats

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