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The Mercury News Dollars and Pets: The cost of treating allergies in pets The Mercury News Respiratory allergies . Cats in particular can develop a sensitivity to particles in the air. Food allergies . Food allergies only account for about 10 percent of pet allergies and are caused by the immune system's hypersensitivity to a protein in a food

Pet Age Devan Launches Natural Technology to Make Textiles Free from Pet Allergens Pet Age After months of testing , the company came out with a solution for allergies triggered by pets such as cats ( cat allergen Fel d 1) and dogs (dog allergen Can f 1). Test results show a significant reduction of 92.8 percent on the amount of cat hair

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Treatment of Allergies in Cats. After determining the cause of the allergy, specific treatment can be formulated. Typically, a “vaccine” is developed with the allergic substance. The cat is periodically injected with a low level of the allergen in an attempt to reduce slowly the cat’s sensitivity to the allergen.

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It can also be breathed in and cause respiratory issues. Cat dander is a common allergy that tends to cause itchy or watery eyes or skin to breakout in rashes or hives. More serious cat dander allergic reactions can result in respiratory afflictions like difficulty breathing or asthma.

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Brought to you by SPOT: Serum Allergy Testing and Treatment Program and Spectrum Labs Can dogs and cats really have ALLERGIES?? The answer is: YES!!

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How Is Allergy Testing Performed? Allergy testing is most commonly performed to determine if a pet has atopy. Allergy testing can also help diagnose flea allergy dermatitis. Most veterinarians do not use allergy testing to diagnose food allergies. The two most common types of allergy tests used in pets are intradermal skin testing and serum …

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Here’s the most sensible advice: if you or a family member has cat allergies, you shouldn’t have a cat in the home. Test Your Indoor Allergy Smarts.

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There are two ways to test for any allergy, including to cats: skin testing and blood tests. There are two types of skin allergy tests. A skin prick test and an intradermal skin test. Both tests give fast results and tend to cost less than blood tests.

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Cat allergies are generally divided into 3 main categories: flea allergy, environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis), and food allergy. Feline flea allergies and

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If you suspect that you are allergic to cats, see an allergist for proper diagnosis and treatment. A skin-prick test is the

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2013-06-08 · MyAllergyTest is now a widely available at-home allergy test with Food and Drug Administration clearance for 10 common allergens — substances that can cause the immune system to overreact in some people. The kit tests for Bermuda grass, cat, cedar, egg white, house dust mites, milk, mold, ragweed, Timothy grass and wheat.

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An actual food allergy is rare. In fact, food intolerance is the third most common sensitivity condition in dogs and cats, and often was remedied with a change in diet.

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