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The Cat’s Meow: 4 Sustainable Kitty Litter Alternatives

Feel like you’re being held hostage by the totally un-planet-friendly cat litter box fillers available at your local store? Help your kitty achieve a greener paw

Clumping Cat Litter & Sodium Bentonite Clay Hazards …

Clumping cat litter from natural clay could kill you cat. Sodium Bentonite, the main ingredient of clumping clay litter, is strip mined, causing immense damage to the
Continue | All Natural Cat Litter – Delivered delivers all natural litter right to your door. Our clay litter has one ingredient – sodium bentonite. It’s naturally unscented, odor-trapping, hard

FAQs about cat declawing | The Paw Project

Frequently Asked Questions about the crippling effects of cat declawing, declaw surgery or onychectomy, and humane alternatives to declawing.

Best 8 Automatic Cat Litter Box 2018 – A Side by Side

What’s the best self-cleaning litter box of 2018? Here’s a side by side comparison from the highest rated to the lowest. See Pros & Cons of each, and more.
Continue Highland Farms Select Cat Litter Mat – Cat Highland Farms Select Cat Litter Mat – Cat Litter Box Trapper with EZ Clean Large Holes – Waterproof Double Layer Cat Litter Mat Catcher, Large Size 30" X

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob Cat Litter : Nature’s Miracle Odor Control Corn Cob Clumping Cat Litter, 10 lbs (5310) : Pet Litter : Pet Supplies

Living with a Clawed Cat | The Cat Community

You can live harmoniously alongside your cat with claws and still maintain nice furniture by understanding a bit more about your cat’s natural behaviors, and

Habitat for Cats, a no-kill adoption, trap, neuter, return

Habitat for Cats, a no-kill shelter for cat adoption and re-release

What to Do When Your Cat Poops Outside the Box – Dr

I made the mistake of putting the litter box by the main door we used to enter the house. When we entered, our cat went running from the box and after a few times, he

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