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CNN International Flea medication for people and other new tools to combat malaria CNN International Taking the same well-known flea drugs commonly given to dogs and cats could protect humans against mosquitoes carrying malaria, Zika and other diseases, a new study suggests. They could also protect us from sand flies bearing the tropical disease 

Business Insider The best catnip toys for cats Business Insider Best Reviews also includes these mice in its top five picks for the best catnip toys, commenting on the potency of the catnip and the benefits of its natural , pesticide-free production. With nearly 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon, SmartyKats Skitter

5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Being too sensitive to essential oils, and the fact they lick themselves so much, makes natural flea repellents for cats trickier than it is for dogs. Many natural methods deal with prevention (vacuuming, regularly washing bedding, and so on) but there are a few that you can take immediate action with.

8 Ways to Naturally Treat Fleas on Cats | petMD

The OXO medicine is a cat flea collar which can act as a flea repellant and lasts for 120 days. This is a natural treatment that is easily applied and prevents flea attacks. It is applied in the following steps. Place the colour on the neck of the cat. Replace the collar after 120 days on normal conditions

17 Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats – Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats. If you notice this happening to your cat try a more natural flea repellent. To get rid of flea from bedding,

6 natural flea remedies for cats and dogs | MNN – …

Avoid harsh chemicals on your pet with these natural methods for pet flea prevention and treatment.

10 Natural Flea Treatments For Cats – CatTime

Natural, non-toxic flea and tick control for your home, yard, dogs and cats. These nontoxic, natural flea control treatments are safer for your pets and family.

4 Ways to Make an Herbal Flea Remedy for Cats – wikiHow

2010-05-21 · How to Make an Herbal Flea Remedy for Cats. "Wonderful ideas for natural remedies. Sometimes, the packaged flea meds are so toxic.

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