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Heartworm in Cats – American Heartworm Society

When do I start my cat on heartworm prevention? The risk of kittens getting heartworm disease is equal to that of adult cats. The American Heartworm Society

Comparing Heartworm Medicine for Dogs and Cats | …

Use PetCareRx’s chart to compare major heartworm medicine for dogs and cats to help you decide which brand is best for your pet.

Home – American Heartworm Society

Founded During The Heartworm Symposium Of 1974, The American Heartworm Society Aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm …

Dirofilaria immitis – Wikipedia

Dirofilaria immitis, the heartworm or dog heartworm, is a parasitic roundworm that is spread from host to host through the bites of mosquitoes. The heartworm is a

Revolution for Dogs and Cats – Flea & Heartworm | …

Get Revolution for dogs and cats and help protect your pets against fleas, ear mites, scabies, ticks, and heartworm. EXCLUSIVE PRICE – $12.00/3 mo.

Choosing the Best Heartworm and Flea Prevention

Did you know heartworm and flea prevention combination medications are now available that can protect your pet from multiple parasites with one monthly dose? Learn

https://www.petsmart.com/pharmacy …

What is Heartworm First, let’s make sure we all understand that heartworm infestation can be extremely serious, and that infected dogs and cats that go untreated may die.

Heartworm Disease in Dogs | Treating Heartworms in …

Heartworm disease in dogs is a potentially fatal parasitic condition that’s 100% preventable. Monthly preventive medicines can be very effective. Read more here.

We Learned the Hard Way: Heartworm Prevention is a …

Ever wondered if your dog really needs his heartworm prevention medicine? Learn what happened to these loving pet owners when they decided it wasn’t necessary.

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