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Medicating Feral Cats and Kittens – Out of the Cage!

When medicating feral cats and kittens, the challenge for caretakers is to find ways to treat them without using stressful and traumatic restraint.

Cat has a cold – upper respiratory infections in cats

Cats and Colds Respiratory Infections and the common cold in cats. Cats can get upper respiratory infections or what we call the common cold or flu.

Feral Cat Medical Issues – Friends of Feral Felines

This fact sheet is intended to provide a basic overview of feral cat medical issues.It should not be used to diagnose an animal, nor is it intended to provide

Medicating Feral Kittens – UrbanCatLeague

Some helpful tips for medicating feral kittens and feral cats.

Zoonoses – Diseases Spread from Cat to Man

FUNGAL INFECTIONS. Fungal infections of humans are surprisingly common: thrush, athlete’s foot etc. The most common fungal infection spread from cat …

Cat Care – Pet Remedy Charts for Cats

Choosing an herbal remedy for cats just became a whole lot easier. This chart is beautifully illustrated and packed with an extensive treatment list to help you

Code Red: More than 300 cats seized as Hillsborough …

UPDATE: I amended the title. Total count is now at 319 cats seized as of Sunday night! This is a Code Red and needs crossposting to every potential adopter and

Spaying Cats – a complete veterinary guide to feline …

Everything you need to know about spaying cats, including: spaying pros and cons, spaying age, spay surgery, spay after-care, spay …

Common Cat Diseases | ASPCA

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred.
Continue L-Lysine Powder, 5 lb Bulk, Resealable Bag

I had a URI hit my barn cats this winter/spring. Once one of them gets it — they all get it. One poor kitty has horrible red spots on her face (the kitty herpes

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