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How To Treat Ringworm in Cats – banixx.com

Cat/kitten ringworm is one of the most common fungal skin conditions affecting cats & kittens. The trademark of this infection is a circular bare spot where your pet

pictures-of-cats.org – PoC

I am passionate about cat welfare. The site has evolved from pictures and cat breeds to wild cats and welfare. And now news items are also included.

Amazon.com: L-Lysine Powder, 5 lb Bulk, Resealable Bag

I had a URI hit my barn cats this winter/spring. Once one of them gets it — they all get it. One poor kitty has horrible red spots on her face (the kitty herpes

Amazon.com : Amber Technology Vibactra – All-Natural

I took in two dying kittens from a junkyard. One is blind from an eye infection and upper respiratory infection. The vet prescribed antibiotics which wer administered

Vaccines for Cats: We Need to Stop Overvaccinating

A veterinarian discusses vaccines for cats. Topics covered are key issues associated with vaccines, side effects, and types of vaccinations for cat.

Selective Cat Breeding – pictures-of-cats.org

Selective cat breeding is what cat breeding is all about. So what is it? This is an outline discussion. It is slightly controversial in keeping with my slightly

DunRoamin’ – Adopt A Cat – DunRoamin’ Stray and Rescue

Please scroll down to meet all the DunRoamin’ cats who are awaiting a loving family How do I apply to adopt a DunRoamin’ cat? Click here to find out!

Feline Holistic Health – Shirley’s Wellness Cafe

Holistic Cat Care and Natural Remedies. Cats are dying at an alarming rate of kidney disease, diabetes. Our felines also suffer from vaccine related fibrosarcoma

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic – Animal Protective League

Surgery Fees: Female and Male Dogs $75. Female Cats $45. Male Cats $35. Feral Cats $25 (outdoor cats only; cats will receive vaccines and an ear tip)

Tuxedo Cats – Magical Cats in Black and White

Tuxedo Cats have captured the imaginations of writers, composers, and artists. Learn more about these black and white felines. Also find gift ideas for tuxedo cat lovers.

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