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Hui Pono Holoholona receives emergency grant for Kilauea volcano eruption rescue efforts HSUS News This will enable us to expand our cat shelters to include an isolation section to treat the many cats entering with upper respiratory infections and eye irritations caused by the lava ash and sulfur dioxide. Our rescues left with no home are now part

Pets, Pets, Pets Amityville Record Can the amount of space shelter cats have in their cages determine the likelihood of whether or not they contract an upper respiratory infection ( URI )? A recent study says “YES.” An estimated 3.2 million cats enter U.S. shelters each year. For lots of

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection | VCA Animal Hospital

What causes a feline upper respiratory infection? Feline upper respiratory infection (URI) is the common term for a respiratory infection caused by …

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection – The Common Cold

Overview of feline upper respiratory infections It’s true: our feline friends can get colds, too! As is the case with humans, the culprits to blame for these nasty

Cats and Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) – CatTime

Chylamydiosis refers to a bacteria based chronic respiratory infection, caused by the Chlamydia psittaci bacterium. Cats that have developed this infection will often

Upper Respiratory Illness – PetHelpful

Probably the most common illness in hamsters besides wettail is going to be a respiratory infection. It’s very common among hamsters that come from pet stores, as …

Cat Flu – Symptoms Treatment & Causes of Cat Flu

What is Cat Flu? Cat flu is the general name given to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract in cats. It is a common disease in cats and

Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis) Symptoms, Signs

Kidney infection (pyelonephritis) is in the family of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Kidney infections are caused by sexual intercourse, pregnancy, kidney stones

Types of Lung Diseases & Their Causes – WebMD

A common health problem, lung diseases range from mild to severe. WebMD breaks down the information and describes the types and causes …

Kennel Cough Infection in Dogs. – Pet-Informed

Veterinary advice about kennel cough infection – the disease, its transmission, symptoms, treatment, vaccination and prevention (includes info on controlling kennel

Health | Healthfully

Bleach is an allergen contained in many household cleaning products. As with many cleaning products, bleach can cause an allergy that

Cats Five Senses – touch,cat vision,cat hearing,cat taste

Cats Five Senses…key sensory abilities to climb, hunt and survive

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