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Feline Upper Respiratory Infection – The Common Cold

Overview of feline upper respiratory infections It’s true: our feline friends can get colds, too! As is the case with humans, the culprits to blame for these nasty

Feline Leukemia (FeLV): Symptoms and Treatment

Guide to Feline leukemia. Read about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of leukemia in cats and feline leukemia symptoms.

Feline Viruses – cat-health-guide.org

Feline viruses. Read about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of different feline viruses including calicivirus, corona virus (FIP), leukemia, panleukopemia (FPV

Cat Illness Symptom Checker | PetCareRx

Cats can get sick all the time with many of the same ailments as pet parents. Use our cat symptom checker to figure out what may be wrong with your feline frie…

How to Care for a Cat with Feline Leukemia (with Pictures)

How to Care for a Cat with Feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) is a relatively common viral disease of cats. Some cats acquire this infection at a very

The Vaccine Side Effects and Risks That Can Occur When

A complete article written by veterinarians discussing vaccine side effects and safety in the dog and cat and what to do if your pet has an adverse vaccine reaction.

Feline vaccination – Wikipedia

Programs supporting regular feline vaccination have contributed both to the health of cats and to public health. Currently, there are geographically defined core

Cat Illness – Cat Diseases – Cat Health Problems & …

Cat Flu. Cat flu is the general name given to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract in cats. It is a common disease in cats and can make them very sick and

Cats Five Senses – touch,cat vision,cat hearing,cat taste

A cats five senses are the same that we humans have: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Unique feline sensory organs, all working in unison.

Cat Care | ASPCA

Our veterinarians and behaviorists offer you a library of solutions to improve the health and lifestyle of your feline companion.

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